WordPress and Blogger: How to Submit Links Automatically To Bing Webmaster Tool

WordPress and Blogger: How to Submit Links Automatically To Bing Webmaster Tool

Among the several Search Engines in the world today, Bing is the second-ranked search engine which Google remains the first. Thereby accounting for a small portion of daily search traffics to blogs.

If you are looking to reach more customers through the free search channel, then ignoring Bing is really an unfortunate mistake. Recently, the team of developers of Bing Webmaster released a plugin specifically for the WordPress platform, which supports sending automatic links to Bing Webmaster Tools. Soon, I will guide you through the detailed steps to install this extremely useful plugin.

Before following the instructions in this article, make sure your site has been successfully declared with Bing Webmaster Tools.

wordpress bing url plugin

1. First, you need to install and activate the Bing URL Submissions Plugin from the WordPress.org plugin repository

2. Next, go to Bing Webmaster (In your WordPress Dashboard), you will see an interface similar to the image below.

3. Log in to your Bing Webmaster Tools account, click the Settings button (gear icon in the upper right corner of the interface) => select API Access.

4. Click the API Code item.

5. Click the Generate API Key button.

6. API key will be generated automatically, please click. Copy button.

7. Go back to step 2 and paste your API Key in Enter 32 digit API key then click on Start using plugin button. Once done, the interface you get will look like this.

The plugin will automatically send a link to Bing Webmaster Tools every time you post a new article or update an old one. If you want to manually submit the link, you can click the Submit URL button then enter the link to submit. It’s great, isn’t it?

Are you optimizing your site for Bing? How do you rate the Bing URL Submissions Plugin that I just introduced in the article? Don’t forget to let us know your opinion via the comment box below.

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    how to add API key in Blogger to Submit Instant Indexing.

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