Why you should use a URL shortener for your social Media posts

 Have a business that involves links? Then this post, why you should use a URL shortener for all your social posts is put up just for you.

Brands and businesses benefit more if they have billions of online followers because it helps brands and businesses to increase their knowledge, boost sales and build trust with customers.

Most businesses with websites and social pages usually post their web links on their pages with the intention of drawing the attention of their followers to their website.

This is done with the intention of increasing sales, or to make their followers do a particular task on their website.

Here, you will learn reasons why you should use a URL shortener for all your social links.

Before going into the reasons why you should use a URL shortener for your post, how to use a URL shortener, advantages of a URL shortener, we should look elaborately at what URL is all about.

What is URL

URL is an acronym that stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Some refer to URLs as links, websites, or domain names.

However, technically speaking referring to URLs as links and website is not wrong but there is a lot to know such as the similarities and their differences.

When you check at the domain of this blog https://www.southblog.com.ng you can see the parameters added to it such as the 'HTTPS' or the 'HTTP, the 'www' parts all this make up the link to SouthBlog.

A URL is a link that can also contain other parameters added to it such as '%' and or numerical values.

That is to say, A URL is a full address of a web page that is accessible by the browser.

Importance of URL shortener?

Below points are the reasons why we should use URL shorteners for your links before posting them on social media.

Sharing links to social media

Brands for years has taken the advantage of sharing or posting their links on social media to build more follower base and to generate more traffic.

The power of social media is so great and can as well be utilized even up to today to build and increase blog traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others.

In essence, you share links to gain more web traffic to your blog to increase sales and build an online presence.

Give more space for other content

When you use a URL shortener for your long link, it shortens your link to a few alphabets which create space for other content.

For instance, while sharing a post on Twitter, Twitter on its own provide less space for content.

And imagine posting your long links there, the links will automatically occupy the space thereby leaving room for less content.

But when the link is short, you have more space to post more content on the space provided by Twitter.

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