How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

Was your Facebook account blocked or disabled? then this post is certainly for you, here you will be learning how to recover a disabled Facebook account.

From 2007 to now, Facebook has gotten over 2 Billion users which made it the number one social media app in the world today.    

Every day new accounts are being created by a new individual or pre-existing users whose account was either locked or disabled by Facebook.

Well, whichever be the case, here you will learn how to Recover & reactivate a disabled Facebook Account.

How to recover a disabled Facebook Account

There are two ways of account disabling on Facebook which is either by you or by Facebook. 

If you deactivate your Facebook account by yourself within the last 14 days, you can recover it by simply cancelling the deactivation process.

But if it has exceeded the last 14 days and your Facebook account was deleted, there is no way of recovering it again.

If Facebook disabled your account, you can recover your disabled Facebook account by appealing to Facebook through this link.

Note: Facebook may not reinstate your account depending on the reason your account was disabled, If it was due to fraudulent activities, impersonation etc, just don't bother to appeal because Facebook won't listen to you.

You deactivated your Facebook account

  • To recover a Facebook account that you intentionally want to disable, log in to your Facebook account by entering the email or phone number associated with the account and the password then you click on login.
  • A prompt will appear asking you to confirm deletion or to Cancel Deletion
  • Click on Cancel Deletion to save your Facebook account from permanent deletion.
  • Facebook will reinstate your account just as it was before you tried to delete it, so there is nothing to fear and lose.

Facebook Disabled your account

There are many reasons why Facebook disabled your account which it could be;
  • Using a fake name
  • You are impersonating someone
  • Regularly posting content that goes against Facebook Terms and Conditions
  • Engaging in behaviours that violate Facebook community standards.
  • Abusing people on Facebook via chat

Using A Fake name

Facebook is totally against using fake names while opening an account with them because it makes it difficult for them to have your real details.

Impersonating Someone

Equivalent to using fake names on Facebook, where you pretend to be who you are not with the intention of scamming other unsuspecting Facebook users which will bring bad names to Facebook. So Facebook is totally against it.

Posting Contents that don't follow Facebook Terms and Conditions

Facebook is used by people all around the globe, so whatever you post on Facebook has a chance to be seen globally.

So, posting inappropriate content on Facebook can lead to your account being blocked or disabled.

There must be a reason for Facebook trying to disable your account but at times your account might be locked by Facebook but by mistake.

If your account was disabled by mistake, definitely Facebook might listen to you and reinstate your account after confirming your identity either through selfie or document identification.

Here all you need to do is to log in to your account by going to and entering your login details.

You will see a message saying that your account was Locked or Disabled, confirm your identity, then follow the instructions there.

But if no instruction was given, all hope is not lost. Follow this link to submit an appeal to Facebook, then check back after 2 to 3 days.

Things you need to have while appealing to Facebook

While appealing to Facebook, you need a governmental identification card such as a driving licence, Voter's card, International passport etc.

while appealing to Facebook, add the picture of your ID card and write in detail why you think Facebook should reinstate your account and promise not to violate Facebook terms and conditions again.

Final Words

Recovery of a disabled Facebook account is 50-50 chances, which means it might be reactivated or not, so all hope is not lost. All you need to do after sending your appeal to Facebook is to cross your fingers and wait for a good response from them.

If no response was received from Facebook after 2 to 3 days, try to login to that disabled account, if it was reactivated the login will be successful but if not reactivated the login will not be successful.

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