Download Premium Newspaper 10 Blogger Template Free

This post is all about how you can download the premium version of the Newspaper 10 blogger template for free.

The template newspaper was originally created by the Tagdiv theme company which to date is the owner of the theme.

Prior to now, the Newspaper template was only available and compatible with to WordPress blog, thanks to time, as the day goes by the blogger version of the Newspaper theme was created.

However, the template has various versions such as version 4, version 5, version 6, version 7 version 8, version 9 and currently Newspaper theme version 10.

At the end of this post, you will get a link to download the Premium Version of the Newspaper X template for free.

What to know about Newspaper X Blogger Template

Newspaper X blogger template is best suitable for news and magazine blogs and it is fully customizable to your choice.

You can easily place your ads both at the homepage of your blog and inside the post without manually editing your posts one after the other to place ads.

However, the name of the blogger version of the Newspaper template is called Viospaper for easy differentiation between the WordPress version of the template and the Blogger version.

This template has a whole lot of wonderful features which you need to know.

Features of Newspaper 10 (X) Blogger Template

Below are the features of the premium Newspaper Blogger Template

Fast Loading

It is generally believed that Tagdiv templates are cool with this in mind, Newspaper 10 (X) Blogger template is very fast in loading speed.

Newspaper 10 Blogger Template Free Download

But remember, in blogger when you begin to add various javascript to your template your the loading speed of the team will slightly reduce but in all your site will be fast.

SEO Friendly

The Newspaper theme for Blogspot high highly coded to be SEO friendly and also due to its fast loading speed.

Mobile Friendly

Newspaper 10 blogger template is highly responsive and mobile friendly, it is designed to fit in all screen sizes of Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

Ads Ready

The Newspaper 10 templates have different widgets designed for ads. Ads codes can be directly pasted into the widgets and ads will begin to appear.

The implication of this is that you don't need to paste the ads code into every single post.

The Newspaper 10 blogger theme is 100% ads ready placed in strategic locations such as the homepage of the site, Sidebars, footer and in posts.

Awesome and Customizable Footer Credit

The Newspaper 10 blogger template has an awesome footer credit design that can be customised to your choice but the customization cannot be done in the free version of the newspaper themes.

Newspaper 10 (Viospaper) Blogger Template Special Features

  • 100% Full Responsive [Mobile/Desktop] - Check it
  • Theme Designer Support - [Theme colours and sizes can be changed
  •  automatically in the designer menu]
  • Support Indonesian - English
  • The latest Wigdet v3 code
  • Ads Ready Optimize
  • Ads Widget header [728x60]
  • Ads Post Widget - [Setting ad section in Layout]
  • Responsive Google AdSense support
  • Simple, Attractive & Advance Featured Layout
  • Layout Easy to understand
  • Template Settings in Layout
  • Widget Menu Link Navigation List
  • Mega Menu Desktop Widget
  • Mobile Menu Slider
  • Search Form Column
  • Recent Post by Label
  • Widget Icon Social Media
  • Breaking News
  • FeaturedPost Wigdet Costum
  • font awesome Icon & Icon SVG
  • Google Web Fonts [Roboto Fonts & Open Sans Fonts]
  • Latest Lazyload Images
  • JavaScript jQuery v.3.4.1 - []
  • JavaScript Owl Carousel v2.3.4
  • 6 Widget Footer Menu
  • Widget Social Media Footer Icon and Top Menu
  • Wigdet Sticky Sidebar
  • Related Post Widget
  • Author Box Design uses the Social Media Icon
  • Next & Previous Button
  • 2 Social Botton Share style models
  • Comments of the latest blogger version

Premium Newspaper 10 Blogger Template Layout

The theme has a simple layout that can be edited by clicking on the pen icon located on the left side of every widget. There you manage your Newspaper template the way you want it.
Newspaper 10  Blogger template Layout

Download Newspaper 10 Blogger Template For Free

As stated earlier, there are two versions of this template which are is free and Premium, the free version can be downloaded below likewise the premium.

However, the free version is rampant on most websites, which do not contain the features of the premium version of the Newspaper Blogger Theme.

The absence of those special widgets on the free Newspaper 10 blogger template makes it useless for a professional Blogger that's why you need to download the premium version of the newspaper template.

Downloading the Premium Version of Newspaper 10 Blogger Template simply means you need to buy it and it cost around $10

But to get this template at a very cheap rate you need to follow the link given below

Download Free Newspaper 10 Blogger Template

Download Now

Download The Premium Version Now

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