Does Google AdSense Ads affect your website SEO ranking?

As a website owner with the intention to earn money from the blog, having Google Adsense ads running on your blog is very cool and here you will get to know if Google Adsense can affect the search rankings of your website.

Also, you will learn if the classification of your site on google search be due to those ads.

Though there are many ads monetization platforms to which you can use to monetize your site traffic, Google Adsense has for now been the best among all.

Over 40 million websites are currently approved by Adsense and showing Google ads on their website to make cool cash.

Before we get Started let get to understand what Adsense is in full.

What Is Google AdSense and How Adsense Work

Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks today and it is owned by Google.

It is free to use so long as your site meets up to the Google Adsense requirement.

As a site owner, you must apply for Adsense to approve your blog but before the approval, an Adsense specialist must review your site and ensure it meets Adsense standards before approving your site.

Does Google Adsense Ads affect your website SEO ranking

Once approved, the site owner can begin to paste ads codes on his website to begin displaying ads on his blog.

According to the type of ads placed, sometimes editors are paid based on PPC (Pay per click) and PPM (Pay per Views).

Meanwhile, Adsense as an ads company has sophisticated technologies that enable them to display relevant ads to your viewers either based on their interest or based on previous search terms on Google.

Can Google Ads Reduce your search ranking?

The simple answer to this is partial No and a Partial Yes because of Load Time.

As stated earlier, Google Adsense provide you with an ads code to which you place on your site, when a visitor tries to open your page, ideally the HTML of your site will load first including the ads code.

However, the ads code can delay your site from loading fast but this effect occurs in milliseconds and it is not noticeable.

But remember that the loading speed of a site has an important role to play in SEO rankings, from here you can see the reason why the answer I gave was partial yes and No.

But according to Google words, the integration of Google Adsense codes on your blog can have no negative effect on your search rankings or its search engine.

Also. to enable Google Adsense to show relevant ads to your visitors, Adsense traces your visitor IP (Internet Protocol) address and also those ads can take some seconds to load.

With all this in mind, your site loading speed can be minorly affected but if you follow the Adsense safe practices as a site owner, your site ranking will not be affected.

From the technical view, The same site will load super faster than when ads codes are placed.

Meanwhile, there are other factors that you must put in place to ensure that your site loads faster and improves your search rating all explained in this blog.

Thanks for reading and do well to check our other SEO posts for full SEO tips.

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